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Michael Schmutter, UWS Physical Therapist

  • Moment Mentorship and Extensive with Andy Chen

  • -  Physio Network

    •  Management of ankle sprains with David Hillard

    • Management of hip pain with Joanne Kemp

    • -Management of athletic back pain with Kellie Wilkie

  • BFR Certified with Suji

  • Medbridge

    • The Athlete Movement System with Jared Vagy

    • Evidence in Support of Manual Therapy with Chad Cook

    • Preventing Falls by Reducing Risk with Mariana Wingood

    • -Total Joint arthroplasty : surgical and rehab research and FAQs with John O’Halloran

    • Motivational interviewing : Building Patient Motivation with Dawn Clifford

    • The Patient Interview and Physical Examination with Amy McDevit

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