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Comfortable Clothing

Wear comfortable clothing. It also might be helpful to have the area of pain accessible. For example, if you are coming in for a knee related injury, you might want to wear or bring a pair of shorts with you.


Bring a copy of your insurance card and prescription for physical therapy (if applicable) for our office records when you arrive.


If you have not completed your intake paperwork via our patient portal, please allow 10 minutes before your appointment to complete.​


Bring your form of payment (if applicable) that will be due at the time of your service. We accept many forms of payment including FSA and HSA.

Our goal is to have you feeling better at the end of each patient visit than when you walked in.  Unlike other physical therapy clinics where you may be one of three to four patients per hour, at Zion Physical Therapy’s private practice, we believe every minute counts as we stretch, strength train and perform manual therapy techniques one on one.  This individualized personal care allows us to monitor, reassess your condition and modify your plan of care as needed.

Depending on your diagnosis, your follow up appointments might include but is not limited to: hands-on therapy, therapeutic exercises, hot or cold therapy, ultrasounds, education for home exercises, and/or electrostimulation. Of course, each patient’s plan of therapy is unique and our physical therapists ensure that it is the right plan for you.



If you have not completed your intake paperwork via our patient portal, please allow 10 minutes before your appointment to complete.


Duration for each appointment will last approximately 45 minutes. During this time, you will be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist.

What to Expect

Our goal is to get our patients on the road to recovery right away and that starts with an initial evaluation.  Whether you are referred to us by a doctor or reach out due to a recent injury, Zion Physical Therapy will conduct a thorough evaluation that enables us to identify and confirm the root cause of injury.  On this very visit, we will develop a rehabilitation plan of care.  Depending on your condition, this plan may include a range of techniques such as hands on therapy, therapeutic exercises and other modalities.  The rehabilitation plan will also include at home exercises to compliment your overall program.  This first visit is an exciting one, beginning you on your road to recovery.

Initial Patient Evaluation

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Paper Abstract

Physical Therapy Post Treatment Plan

What to expect next? When all of our treatment goals have been achieved, we will create a maintenance program that you complete at home, tailored to your specific needs, activities and lifestyle so that you may maintain optimal function and keep yourself in good health. If any questions come up post-treatment, Zion PT is always here to help! Our Care Coordinators are available to answer questions for all of our locations at 212-353-8693.

Important things to Keep in Mind on Your First Visit

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