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Our clinic's focus ranges from Sports and Orthopedic physical therapy, to Pelvic Floor physical therapy for men and women, to post-operative physical therapy and even PT to address concerns in the EDS/HSD population.  We also offer running analysis and dry needling!

Common rehabilitation treatment services and exercises include:

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Mulligan Concept

Maitland Technique

McConnell Taping

Core Strengthening

Muscle Re-Education Techniques

Correction of Muscle Imbalances​

Biomechanical Correction

Range of Motion Exercises


Global Postural Re-education

Gait Analysis

Biking Analysis

Golf Rehab/Fitness

Therapeutic Activities

Motor milestones development

Functional mobility including crawling, kneeling, standing up, walking

Soft Tissue Mobilization/Manual Therapy

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Treatment is determined after an initial evaluation in conjunction with your physician’s orders. The physical therapy treatment itself may consist of therapeutic procedures and/or physical therapy modalities. Learn more about a typical visit and treatment plan.

Therapeutic procedures include the following:

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Joint Mobilization

Stretching Exercises from Dynamic Stretching, Static Stretching to Passive Stretching

Strength and Conditioning

Range of Motion

Posture Education to Therapeutic

Anorectal Balloon Retraining

Dilator Therapy

Gait Training

Traction Therapy for Spinal Stenosis / Spinal Decompression / Cervical Radiculopathy

Neuromuscular re-education



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Cryotherapy / Ice Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Heat Therapy

Ice Massage

Electrical / Russian Stimulation (TENS Unit)

Massage Therapy


Compression Sleeves

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Physical therapy modalities include the following:

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Rehabiltation and Treatment Services

At Zion PT, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service that is hands-on, consumer-driven and evidence-based. In an effort to best meet your needs, we treat one patient at a time, providing our full attention during each session. This approach gives us the opportunity to not only address the immediate injury and pain, but to uncover the cause of dysfunction. We are experts at analyzing movement, finding faulty mechanics or postural faults that are contributing to your injury or limiting your athletic performance. We listen actively to ensure that we are meeting your individual needs and goals while at the same time encouraging self-efficacy and independence to get you out of our office and back into your routine with confidence.

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