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Follow-up session packages:

3 follow-ups:  $464

5 follow-ups:  $644

Remote Consultation Program

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Initial Consultation:  45 minutes

What You Receive: 


  • Thorough review of your health history and symptoms

  •  Guidance regarding exercise, activity modifications and strategies to try

  •  Referral to in-person PT specialist or MD/specialist

  •  Detailed Home exercise program emailed to you

  •  Email communication with your therapist for follow-up questions

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Initial Consultation & 1 follow-up session: 

What You Receive:


  • Everything in Initial Consultation

  •  One 45 minute follow up session to discuss advancement of techniques and exercises 

  •  Discuss any consultations you’ve had with other providers since Initial session

  •  Email communication with your therapist

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Initial Consultation & 2 follow-up sessions:

What You Receive:


  • Continuation of guidance at the frequency you and your therapist decide is appropriate

  •  Advancement of strategies

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Dr. Staci Levine Zion Physical Therapy physical therapist

Dr. Staci Levine, DPT, OCS, PRPC

Dr. Ashli Bottino Zion Physical Therapy Physical Therapist

Dr. Ashli Bottino, DPT

Dr. Rachel Gofman Zion Physical Therapy Physical Therapist bio picture

Dr. Rachel Gofman, DPT

bio picture of Zion physical therapist, Dr. Samantha Cohen

Dr. Samantha Cohen, DPT

bio picture of Josh Jordan Zion Physical Therapy physical therapist

Dr. Josh Jordan, DPT

Dr. Christina Bateman, Zion Physical Therapy physical Therapist

Dr. Cristina Bateman, DPT

bio picture of Dr. Yael Cohn, physical therapist at Zion Physical Therapy

Dr. Yael Cohn, DPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

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What to Expect

Our 45 minute online consultations are one-on-one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor expert.  You will receive exceptional care without even leaving your home!  All you need is a quiet space and a device that offers microphone and video functionality. 

Our pelvic floor experts will listen to your full medical history, assess your unique case and provide you with guidance and an action plan, which may include the following: finding an in-person pelvic health specialist, referral to an MD/specialist, exercise routines, self manual therapy techniques, goal setting, activity modifications and routine changes. 

Don’t wait to seek care, hop on a video call and receive the help you deserve! Pelvic floor conditions can be very complex and misunderstood.

Many of our patients are finally relieved and hopeful when they reach a knowledgeable Pelvic PT specialist! 

Our physical therapists are happy to provide virtual consultations with both you and your physical therapist after your Initial Remote Consultation to help determine what the best treatment approach is for your individual needs.

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Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA)

Urinary incontinence 

Pelvic pain/lower back pain/hip pain

Obturator Internus Dysfunction

Fecal Incontinence​

Constipation/ Bloating/ Distension

Pudendal Neuralgia

Pain with Sex (Dyspareunia)


Penile/Testicular/Scrotal/Rectal pain

And More!

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Concerns We Address:

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Remote Consultation Program

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is a specialization within physical therapy practice as a whole, and addresses musculoskeletal causes of bladder, bowel, sexual and pain dysfunctions.  Do you have pelvic floor concerns, but feel you are not finding the right specialist to address them fully? There are many pelvic health physical therapists in the US however experience and expertise vary.  While you may not be local to NYC or NJ to see our therapists in person, we are here to offer remote online consultations to make sure you get the care and guidance you deserve!

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We  provide remote consultations to address any musculoskeletal symptoms associated with EDS, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and orthopedic issues.  If you are not finding the care you need in your location, please reach out to collaborate with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy who can help!

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