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Are You an A+ Pooper?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Take this Quiz to find out:

By Brooke David, DPT

graphic of cute unicorn pooping on toilet

Recent reports show that constipation rates are high all over the world--which leads me to ask--why? There are all sorts of factors that play a part in successful defecation such as: hydration, a well balanced diet, activity levels and of course different medication can always have an impact on our normal bathroom routine. But--how do you know if you are pooping correctly? Did you know your form and how you are going can also contribute to constipation? Answer these questions below to help better understand if you are going to the bathroom like a pro or if you need a few lessons.

When do you decide it is time to poop?

  1. When I get the urge to go

  2. When I wake up in the morning after having coffee

  3. After work before I shower

  4. I need suppositories to flush me out

Do you find yourself out of breath during or after pooping?

  1. No

  2. Yes

  3. Sometimes

  4. Not sure

What is your stool’s normal consistency?

  1. Soft banana

  2. Sausage type & Lumpy

  3. Hard pellets

  4. All liquid

How long are you sitting on the toilet?

  1. 5 mins or less--who has time?

  2. 10-15 mins --I like to read the news too

  3. 15-30 mins -- gotta play one game of candy crush

  4. 30-60 mins+ --just waiting for as long as possible

What does your posture & form look like while pooping?

  1. Feet on a stool, leaning forward with legs open and space for the belly to expand

  2. Straight up nice & tall with feet on floor

  3. Slouched with feet on floor or stool--depends on the bathroom

  4. I have no idea I have never thought about this!

If you answered all #1 then you get an A+! If you answered anything but 1, here are some basic tips to consider to help improve the defecation process:

  • Go when you get the urge--don’t delay if possible!

  • While defecating, open your mouth and exhale--you can grunt or sing as well!

  • Aim for poop to be soft like a squishy banana so it is easier to pass

  • A squatting position relaxes the pelvic muscles so using a stool or squatty potty can help

  • Drink as much water as possible

  • Lead an active lifestyle

These are some simple lifestyle changes that can be made to improve your ability to defecate. If you have questions or feel there is more to the problem, then you should come see a pelvic floor specialist at Zion for further help.

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