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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

*WHAT: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that involves developmental delays, as well as social, communication, and behavior impairments. It’s a spectrum because the signs, which can begin as early as childhood, can range from mild to severe.

autism spectrum disorder chart

*CAUSE: All aren’t known but the following may increase the likelihood of someone developing ASD: environmental, genetic, and biological factors.

*SYMPTOMS: Research shows that individuals with ASD may have impaired motor skills including limited coordination and postural control. They can have more difficulty with planning and executing certain motor skills and learning through imitation. Two core signs include challenge in social communication and interaction as well as restrictive and repetitive patterns of behavior.

*TREATMENT: The good news is that research shows that PT can help those with ASD to improve development and skills. There is no “standard” treatment that exists for kids with ASD as treatment is based on each individual child’s impairments and functional limitations. Researchers found that combining PT with fun activities has great benefits. Fun activities like dancing to music and yoga, along with specific PT exercises prescribed by a skilled pediatric PT can help with physical, social, and cognitive abilities.

Get Moving With Some Yoga Poses:

kid's yoga poses graphic

Turn On Some Favorite Tunes And Have A Dance Party:

graphic of kids dancing

Interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder? The Zion PT team of physical therapists are here to help and can set you up with an evaluation. Call (212) 353-8693, or email and check out this website for more info:

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