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Physical Therapy Telehealth visits: What can be accomplished???

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has challenged our healthcare system in some negative ways, but what about some of the positive changes it has brought on? Telemedicine was seemingly only performed for mental health consults and visits whereas now it seems as though most healthcare providers have found a way to communicate with and treat their existing patients AND new patients via HIPAA compliant Telehealth platforms!

But what about Physical Therapy? What can a Physical Therapist do via a Telehealth session for both current patients AND new patients/referrals? A profession that prides itself on being able to diagnose and treat with the use of our skilled observation and palpation/manual skills in addition to therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and modalities performed in office? Glad you asked!! Let me assure you there is plenty we can do…

Flyer for Virtual Physical therapy appointment at Zion Physical Therapy

10 Things Telehealth for CURRENT patients can accomplish!

  1. Progress your established PT exercise program via real-time PT demonstration and patient observation and trial

  2. Ergonomic assessment of your home office space with suggestions to improve as needed!

  3. Provide guidance on proper posture and ergonomics on activities performed in your home (bathing your kids, cleaning, cooking etc.)

  4. Provide guidance on how to stay active and safe in your home with your current injury

  5. Teach a spouse, significant other or roommate how to perform simple manual or muscle energy techniques to perform when necessary

  6. Provide flexible scheduling around your commitments to be able to prioritize your health and well-being

  7. Communicate with your PT regarding other healthcare professionals you’ve spoken with and test results regarding your current injury

  8. Maintain continuity of care to ensure maintenance and improvement on progress thus far

  9. Assess and provide guidance and referrals on new issues/injuries that may arise as a result of our temporary “new normal.”

  10. Provide breathing techniques, stretches and app recommendations to decrease stress during this trying time.

man doing stretches in his living room with a laptop wearing exercise clothes

10 Things Telehealth for NEW patients can accomplish!

  1. Provide an opportunity to get care you need NOW vs waiting for social distancing restrictions to be lifted!

  2. Take a thorough history of the issue/injury and have a complete dialogue with your PT on how to move forward

  3. Enable information exchange and proper communication between referring healthcare providers and your PT

  4. Provide guidance on proper posture and ergonomics on activities performed in your home (bathing your kids, cleaning, cooking etc.)

  5. Provide potential referral out and recommendations if other healthcare providers need to be involved in your care

  6. Perform general posture and range of motion assessment

  7. Begin basic exercise program to address impairments via real-time PT demonstration and patient observation and trial of exercises

  8. Provide a home exercise program to start with

  9. Recommend products which could be useful for a home workstation or support of a joint

  10. Recommend self-care management via use of heat/cold/compression/elevation and frequency with which to apply

physical therapist wearing Zion physical therapy t-shirt doing exercises at home

If you’d like to make a Telehealth appointment with a skilled PT to continue your plan of care or schedule an evaluation, please call (212) 353-8693 or email, or request an appointment online.

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