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Tips for Optimal Posture While Working From Home

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Whether you’re working from home or just spending more time on the couch these days, do you find your neck or back aching from how you’re sitting? Chances are you don’t have the same ergonomic setup at home that you do at work, so here are a few things you can try to avoid pesky neck and back aches!

  1. Sit with your weight over your pelvic floor and hips higher than knees.

This means not sitting back on your “sit” bones, but slightly forward so that your weight is balanced between your sitting bones in the back and your pubic bone in the front. You can try tucking and tilting your pelvis (anterior and posterior pelvic rocks) in sitting in order to find the middle and what feels like your neutral spine. Your hip/knee angle should be about 100-110 degrees (hips higher than knees). Your rib cage should be balanced right over your abdomen, which should be balanced right over your pelvic floor. Now your core is primed and ready to fire at a moment’s notice!

graphic of correct and incorrect sitting postures

If your back is not already touching the back of the chair or couch that you are sitting on, add some back support. Place a pillow, blanket, sweatshirt, etc. behind your lower back until it feels supported all the way from your upper back to your lower back.

graphic of man working on computer with correct sitting postures
Using a foot stool is good!

3. Next, make sure your feet are supported.

If they are not flat on the ground, place a book, pillow, blanket, etc. under your feet. This will help prevent excess strain to your low back.

4. Lastly, let’s support your arms.

If you are sitting at a table or desk and are sitting up high enough that your forearms can be supported on the desk - great! If not though - maybe you are sitting on your couch - you can use pillows or rolled up blankets/towels on your lap to support your forearms while working on your computer. Having support under your arms will help to relax your neck.

young woman working at a desk with correct posture and using a foot stool
Using a foot stool is good!

Experiment with different positions and levels/types of support while sitting on your couch or in different chairs in your home using the above guidance. One size does not fit all. Ideally, you should feel comfortable and able to relax. If something feels off, try adding or taking away support. Do what feels best for your body. And don’t forget to add some movement throughout your day as well - your body and mind will thank you.

If you’d like to make a Telehealth or in-person appointment with a skilled PT to evaluate your sitting or standing workstation at home, please call (212) 353-8693 or email

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